Budgeting for Traveling

The most important issue to consider when traveling is your budget. Whether you are going for one month or six, good budgeting is essential to ensure you complete the traveling experience without having to go home early. However, creating an accurate travel budget can be extremely difficult without good research and careful consideration.

There are several important elements to factor in when estimating travel costs. The hardest to gauge is the average daily living cost for each place you visit. This includes accommodation, food, and drink and will, of course, vary from location to location. The best way to find out this information is by asking someone who has lived in the country or has traveled around as a backpacker as they can speak from experience.

If you are not lucky enough to know someone with suitable knowledge, then many resources online or in budget travel books will offer good guidance. Once you have come to a figure for an average daily cost in each country, this then needs to be multiplied by the number of days you will be spending in each to give your final figure.

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Backpacking Europe

Backpacking Europe truly is a unique backpacking experience. From the birthplace of modern civilization to two-week-long beer festivals, and from sun-baked beaches to beautiful gothic architecture: Europe has everything. And all within a relatively (by South American or Australian standards!) small area.

As a continent, Europe has more historical significance and has seen more changes than anywhere else on the planet, and evidence of these developments and changes can be found in all of Europe’s fifty countries – from ancient sites such as the Colosseum to world-famous residences, such as Buckingham Palace. Aside from the sites to see, Europe is also a cultural hub – with stunning cities renowned for their galleries and museums, or just as great places to immerse yourself for a few days.

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The Boring Things You Have to Do Before You can Travel

Before heading off to explore the world, most people spend time researching countries, transportation, adventures, hotels, bars, and restaurants. That’s the fun part. The part nobody really talks about is the boring part- doctors, and travel insurance.

While nobody LIKES to talk about these things, they’re some of the most important decisions to be made and will allow for your life abroad to be much more carefree and adventurous as a result.

Heading to the doctor for a check-up prior to your departure is incredibly important. This is a necessary step to be sure you’re healthy enough to withstand the rigors of travel, and additionally, to make sure your shots are up-to-date.

If, for instance, you step on a rusty nail while you’re in a part of the world where western-standard medical facilities are hard to come by, it will be a great relief to know that your tetanus shots are up-to-date, and that your sole responsibility to maintain your health will be keeping the small wound from becoming infected.

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Making The Most Of Your Money in Europe

There is no doubt that traveling in Europe can cost you a pretty penny and one of the most talked-about issues among backpackers is how to make the most of their money. While backpacking is the most affordable route to exploring Europe, it can still turn into an expensive endeavor if you’re not careful.

Managing your travel budget is one of the most important parts of ensuring a successful trip, so make sure to check out our thrifty tips for maximizing your cash when you’re backpacking through Europe.

Museum Passes Are Your Best Friend: Throughout Europe, many cities sell museum passes which are a great bargain for budget travelers. You’ll get access to several different locations for a fraction of the price. On top of that, with a museum pass, you can skip the line and go straight into each attraction.

Get A Hostel Membership: Across Europe’s over 2000 different hostels, you can find plenty of cheap beds. The discounted price you’ll get at many hostels will pay for itself in no time and many times your membership will grant you a reduced price on other travel-related services.

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