The Flavors of London

London is a great destination both for families and young backpack travelers as it has a vast array of sights and entertainment. From St. Paul’s Cathedral to Ripleys Believe It or Not! Museum, there is so much to see and do that visitors instantly get hooked on this ancient yet bustling city on the River Thames.

For those who want to save money on sightseeing, sign up to London’s voucher sites, which offer discount codes to some of the best attractions. Check out Ripley’s Believe it or Not! in London’s colorful West End.

Founded by American cartoonist and anthropologist, Robert Ripley, the museum showcases bizarre events, items, facts and ideas that are so strange visitors might struggle to believe them. London’s Ripley’s is home to 700 artifacts that span 5 floors, among which Marilyn Monroe’s huge make-up collection is a particular attraction. Seven fossilized dinosaur eggs dating back 75 million years, a Mini-Cooper encrusted with one-million Swarovski crystals and a mirror maze are some of the other impressive exhibits on show.

Another main attraction is Buckingham Palace, the main residence of the Windsor family. Just take a walk through the stately, tree-lined grounds up to the palace and gaze upon the Victoria Memorial situated outside the front gates, which was erected in 1911, and which has a magnificent gold winged figure standing on its apex. Then head on to the perimeter of the palace, which is guarded by primly dressed Royal Guards wearing tall, bearskin hats and smart, red uniforms. These although often mistaken for them are in fact not Beefeaters.

Beefeaters, who are retired servicemen, can be found guarding the Tower of London. Wander through the halls of the Tower and feel its intimidating presence, then call in to see the Crown Jewels in all their resplendent glory before you leave. Traveling to and in London is pretty easy by train. Just like all across Europe, trains run on time and are relatively comfortable and affordable.

Visitors to London are often impressed at the size and scale of London, which draws in visitors from nationalities from all over the world. This wonderful mix of cultures is one of the elements that help to make this city so great. Described as a cultural capital of the world, it’s a prime destination for travelers who flock to its numerous museums, art galleries, theatres, stadiums, restaurants, and entertainment districts to relish the multinational flavors of the city.

A Tranquil Spot in the Middle of London

London is filled with so many sights and is a city of ‘ so much to see so little time’. Anyone visiting London who hasn’t yet taken a ride down the canals MUST! This activity is also a rare stress-free option in the middle of this face-paced city.

All you need to do is rent a guide for a day and jump on with one of the pre-organized boat tours. You will visit the historical regents, explore the canals from Camden Lock to London Zoo, Little Venice Maida Vale and Paddington.

There are different routes available, all beautiful in their own unique way. These trips provide a tranquil corridor through the busy city and provide much-needed breathing space from the hustle and bustle of London.

Prices are very affordable from $12 to $25 per return trip; depending on the route you choose. There are a few companies that offer different services. One departing from Camden waterside restaurant base at both 12.30 and 2.30 pm and another which departs from Little Venice. This trip includes a 1 and a half hour magical tour through the canal. This trip departs 3 times daily. This helps you make the most of your money in Europe, the “Old World”.

Also, I recommend grabbing something to eat and checking out all the wacky wonderful things that are on offer at the world-renowned Camden markets. Shops galore; strange unique people you will find all from Punks and Chavs, Camden Town is a mixed bag.

Tip- If you can walk, always do so this beats catching public transport. Bring some comfy shoes a water bottle and your off! Walking is a great way to explore the city and see things off the usual tourist track you probably wouldn’t stumble across if you were stuck on cramped public transport. Walking is also immensely good for the pocket- as London transport is very expensive, allowing you more cash for more important things such as delicious foods, special tokens from your destination or my favorite one of all.. more traveling!